The MRC LMS Postdoc Committee is a group of postdoctoral researchers who strongly believe that they can make the LMS a great environment for postdocs to grow professionally and personally.

We aim to:

  • promote scientific and social exchange between postdocs
  • provide a voice to the post-doctoral community within the Institute
  • offer additional tools for professional growth

To achieve our aims we organise events, such as inviting speakers, LMS Postdoc Retreat (used to be known as CSC PostDoc Retreat), Happy Hour… We are organising a broad choice of events to make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy on site.

We are trying to create a strong community and we hope to establish an informal support network during your postdoctoral period and, most importantly, we hope to make it more fun!

As the postdoc representatives in LMS, we hope we are able to understand the always evolving needs of the postdoc community. To do so, we need to have constant feedback from you on what we can change, so that we can do better to make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy on site.

LMS Postdoc Committee 2015
Members of the LMS Postdoc Committee 2016