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The Second CSC PostDoc Retreat

Following the success of last year we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting the second CSC Postdoc Retreat Thursday 10th of November 2016 at the Wellcome Collection.

We feel that the CSC Post-Doc Retreat is an extremely important opportunity for fellow post-doc to discuss their science with people at similar stage of their career. Although we believe that science should play a key role in this event, we also think that the CSC Post-Doc Retreat is the perfect situation to establish a more friendly and relaxed work environment.

With this in mind the day will be divided between scientific talks, poster session as well as social breaks (including wine and canapes reception at the end of the day).

Similar to last year we will be creating an abstract book, therefore we will ask you to submit an abstract at registration. We will have 8 oral presentation and 20 poster, so if you wish to present either orally or a poster please let us know!

Furthermore, following comments received last year, we have improved the Career Development Session inviting Post-Docs that decide to make a career change becoming members of pharmaceutical industry, editor, consultant and science administrator. These professionals will give a short presentation, followed by Q&A panel and coffee break where they will be happy to replay to more private questions.

We are extremely honoured to announce that the key note speaker for the CSC Post-Doc Retreat will be Dr Arantza Barrios.

Dr Barrios studies the mechanisms that provide neural circuits with the ability to process one sensory stimulus into distinct behavioural outputs. In particular her lab focuses on three factors that influence the way sensory information is processed: reinforcing experiences; internal states of arousal; and sexual dimorphism. Using C. elegans, Dr Barrios aims us to dissect, at the molecular and single-cell level, how complex, integrative behavioural decisions arise from the dynamic properties of neural circuits.

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Abstract Submission

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Retreat Programme

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10th November 2016

Sir Henry Wellcome Auditorium, Wellcome Collection, London


8:45-9:30            Registration /Coffee and pastries (Williams Lounge)

9:30-9:40            Welcome by Professor Amanda Fisher

9:40-9:45            Welcome by the Organising Committee

9:45-10:45          Session 1 – Talks

Chairs: Dr. Silvana Rosic and Dr. Rahuman Sheriff

Using cryo-EM to understand eukaryotic DNA replication”

Dr Alberto Riera

“Dynamic proofreading in the bacterial replicative DNA polymerase”

Dr Hailey Gahlon

“A unified coarse-grained theory of bacterial physiology explains the relationship between cell size, growth rate and proteome composition under various growth limitations”

Dr Francois Bertaux

10:45-11:30       “pubquiz” and refreshments (Williams Lounge)

11:30-12:10        Session 2 – Talks

Chairs: Dr. Tracy Mak and Dr. Luis Martins

Coupling shRNA screening with single cell RNA-seq to identify genes and processes mediating senescence during reprogramming”

Dr Marieke Aarts

 “Modulation of signal peptidase activity by the imprinted gene, neuronatin”

Dr Steve Millership  

12:10-13:00       Poster Session (Williams Lounge)

13:00-13:45       Lunch (Williams Lounge)

13:45-15:10       Career Development Pannel

Chairs: Dr. Monica Romano-Turfero and Dr. Silvia Pedroni

Post-doctoral Development Centre: Karen Hinxman

GlaxoSmithKline: Dr Uma Thiruchelvam and Dr Peter McMeekin

VWR: Dr Angeliki Achimastou

Nature Editor: Natalie Le Bot

15:10-16:00        Poster sessions and refreshments (Williams Lounge)

16:00-17:00       Session 3 – Talks

Chairs: Dr. Chrysoula Konstantinidou and Dr. Steve Millership

Getting a handle on the neural basis of gut feelings”

Dr Dafni Hadjieconomou

 “High-throughput  phenotypic screening of C. elegans”

Dr Avelino Javer

The role of endothelial cell metabolism and the impact of ageing on the blood brain barrier

Dr Sophie Piper

17:00-18:00      Keynote seminar

“Flexible neural circuits, from development to function”

Dr Arantza Barrios

18:00-20:00      Canape reception and “pubquiz” winner announcement (Williams Lounge)